Ultimate putters

BESPOKE tailoring
for custom-made HIGH-TECH putters

... Just like in a tailor’s shop

A putter adapted to your style, stroke, body, and POSTURE. Nothing is made beforehand; it is the golfer’s measurements that dictate the making of the custom-made putter.
Pierre Ocenac analyzes your MORPHO-FITTING data to extract the digital frame of your ideal putter. Perfectly adapted to your body type, to your playing dynamics. Every detail counts and influences your performance on the green. Every angle, every weight and every parameter must be considered.
And yes! You will be MORE CONFIDENT than ever, playing with the best performing putter designed especially for you.
Ultimate putters

Optimizing the complex combination of unique factors impacting the entire
putting process to achieve excellence and high-performance.

Perfect putting position Easy alignment Regular Swing balance Super Stability Excellent Speed & Distance control More Comfort, More Confidence

Ultimate putters


PIERRE OCENAC specifically developed its MORPHO-FITTING technique.

A total of 39 points are measured: 18 morphological points and 21 dynamic points. These measurements will ensure a custom-made putter with a PERFECT BALANCE between ergonomics, the golfer’s game, and his putter.
Ultimate putters

Innovation for a PERFECT golf STANCE

Exclusive Innovation: the first 3D Bespoke Hosle

Consistency and stability. And that is exactly what a putter made for your body type and putting style will give you.
This CARBON FIBER HOSLE is custom-made at the PIERRE OCENAC atelier.
It’s the key part of your putter.
This innovation is one of the main ingredients of the PIERRE OCENAC recipe to make the best putters on the market.

What’s in it for you?

On the green, having your best performing putter in hand, you will feel the proper golf stance. The custom-made ergonomics created by the hosle will lead your body to adopt the best posture, allowing you to gain stability and performance.

How does it work?

Based on your putting stance , Pierre Ocenac defines the angles of your ultimate putter: Lie angle , shaft’s angle, and offset. He uses the most high-tech CAD software tools and processes to design your own hosle.
Ultimate putters

PERFECT BALANCE & rhythm of the swing

Ever wondered what the ideal weight of your putter should be?

Pierre Ocenac calculates the IDEAL WEIGHT of your putter head and places the CENTER OF GRAVITY where you need it to be. Everything is custom-made, based on your Morpho-Fitting.

What’s in it for you?

GAINING RHYTHM REGULARITY will allow you to have more CONTROL over your ball, its speed, and the distance to the hole on long, medium, and short putts. That’s how you score more WINNING POINTS.

How does it work?

The weights are spread from the head to the grip to bring a REGULAR BALANCE corresponding to your morphology and dynamics. Your balance is more regular and mechanical, just like a Swiss watch. On the back, 4 cavities with wood caps are filled withTUNGSTEN grit to finalize the head weight adjustment, that’s what improves theMOI.
" A soft ball touch. You can feel the difference...it just rolls perfectly.
I have never felt so comfortable with a putter that I’m using for the first time, and it’s such a beautiful piece...” F. Xavier
Ultimate putters


Experience Morpho-Fitting like never before.

Discover what a PIERRE OCENAC Morpho-Fitting session is like to create your own custom putter..

You will be able to fill-in the PIERRE OCENAC morpho-fitting form once you’ve validated your own design on our 3D Configurator.

How would like to arrange your morpho-fitting?

At home, in video conference, or in PIERRE OCENAC Showroom in Biarritz, France … That’s right, PIERRE OCENAC can come to you and travel anywhere in the world!