Ultimate putters


We use the HIGHEST QUALITY materials to make the putters in the world.

PIERRE OCENAC is a French company. And Pierre wants to share what makes French-style craftsmanship so special: French Luxury.

Each putter design of our collection is manufactured in and numbered . The PIERRE OCENAC all have a 28-karat solid silver 950 plate, where we can engrave your name or motto.

logo bicolore blanc

You can choose RARE PRECIOUS WOOD species to combine with our putter faces made of genuine black ebony.

Selection of high-quality luxury leathers from renowned tanners LUXURY LEATHERS.

The PIERRE OCENAC grips and covers range offer perfect resistance and endurance leathers designed specifically for EXTREME OUTDOOR use.

Target lines are made of SOLID SILVER or genuine Mother of Pearl, or natural green Abalone for a VISUAL PERFECT and contrasted read.

We designed our ferrules in anodized AERONAUTIC ALUMINIUM alloy black,
and it is LASER ENGRAVED with the PIERRE OCENAC logo.

logo bicolore blanc

Every detail of these luxury putters is made and customized
in the elegance of the PIERRE OCENAC brand.

Enjoy an extreme customization for your UNIQUE PUTTER DESIGN.

At least 1.96 MILLION design combinations are possible with our 3D configurator.

Owning a PIERRE OCENAC putter is a UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE experience.

You will own a PIECE OF ART, with a unique design and exceptional HIGH PERFORMANCE.

You will be proud, confident and FEEL STRONGER playing with your exclusive putter made especially for you.

A LUXURY SERVICE for every golfeur

Like a beautiful pair of luxurious shoes, your putter needs SPECIAL CARE and attention.

The PIERRE OCENAC brand offers the following services
to take care of your putter all life long.

Head putter varnish coating

Grip and cover change

Morpho-Fitting all over the world

Special requests

« Paying full attention to each request, listening to your demands, and anticipating the needs of all golfers, givingthe best… My priority is to make each , and every golfer satisfied, pleased to play with his very own unique putter. »

Pierre Ocenac