Ultimate putters

Where putter DESIGN and high-PERFORMANCE cross paths

Inspired by his idol and the love of golf, Pierre Ocenac wanted to create the best putters to BOOST EACH GOLFEUR'S performance.

In his Putter Maker Atelier, and thanks to the combination of high-technologies and high-quality materials such as carbon fiber, and tungsten, Pierre Ocenac invented a NEW GENERATION OF PUTTERS.

His recipe: patented technology and innovation to bring INCREDIBLE PRECISION and performance to putting.
Ultimate putters

"You see Pierre, the most important club in the bag is the putter. It’s the one that makes you score winning points!"

That’s Jean Garaialde said to me, the most successful French player of all time.



Our manufacturing process begins with hand SKETCHES, ideas are born and put down on paper.
Ultimate putters

Then the sketch is translated and processed by CAD with the latest engineering software developed by Dassault System.

After creating a PROTOTYPE putter, a long process of tests starts to VALIDATE design and PERFORMANCES expected.

Then the CNC milling machine takes over with a precision of 20 MICRONS.

100% of each putter pieces are CNC MILLED.

checks every step of the way

Each piece designed is checked with high precision to UPGRADE your PERFORMANCE, regardless of your putting level.
Until 52 pieces are assembled by HAND as well as the finishing touches.

After applying many coats of our varnish base and top coat, the putter head is wet sanded and fine polished.

We only use the highest quality products for the ultimate natural finish specifically studied not to disturb your eyes with a shinning reflection.
Ultimate putters

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Hand Sewing

PIERRE OCENAC putters will arrive with the utmost care to your home.

Design, high quality materials, machining, quality control tests, presentation, shipment… all details are important.

From our atelier in France to your hand.

It takes 30 hours to craft a PIERRE OCENAC putter.

Everything is meticulously worked out and crafted from the finest materials.
All the different key points that affect the technical performance of a putter: